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Hay Sales

Sandalwood Farms LLC offers multiple different kinds of hay from all three cuttings (sometimes four, if the weather permits).


Types of hay available:

  • Pure Alfalfa
  • 30-40% Alfalfa/70-60% Grass
  • Pure Grass

  • Delivery and unloading assistance available upon request. Prices quoted at time of service and are subject to availability.

    *Weed and spray conscious growers*

VIDEO LINK: How we bundle small squares

VIDEO LINK: The process of baling small squares

Contact us at info@sandalwoodranch.com or by phone, 269.275.4769, for pricing information.

Hay Bundle
Large Square Baler


South Hay Field at SWR
Mix Hay Grass Alfalfa Mix Hay Large Squares in Storage